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Note: In this section we will only refer to “Customers”.


The contract for the purchase of the products is concluded between the Customer and QUYCKY.

QUYCKY will purchase the product selected by the Customer from the respective distributor, hereinafter referred to as Partner.

QUYCKY requests that all Partners using the Website have and maintain commercial policies that respect QUYCKY's commercial policies.

However, QUYCKY cannot be responsible for the commercial policies of the Partners.

If you are dissatisfied with the product or service you have received from a Partner, you should contact QUYCKY who will contact the Partner to try to resolve the issue.



        i. QUYCKY takes into consideration information regarding the essential characteristics of the products through technical descriptions shared by its Partners, photographs and videos which illustrate the products sold, in strict compliance with the best market standards. The aforementioned information is merely indicative, for which reason QUYCKY recommends that Clients consult the detailed description of the products in order to obtain full information about their respective characteristics.

        ii. The Customer declares to accept that QUYCKY is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any information, content, statement or expression contained in the description of the products advertised on the Marketplace.

        iii. In the event that the information presented in the Marketplace does not correspond to the actual characteristics of the product, the Customer is entitled to terminate the sale and purchase contract in the applicable legal terms.

        iv. Prices and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

        v. In case of stock rupture of a given product, QUYCKY does not guarantee its replacement, nor that such replacement, if it happens, will not imply an update of the price. When the replacement of any product ordered by the Customer whose out of stock occurred, with an updated price, QUYCKY will only process the respective order after the Customer expressly accepts the new price in writing. In case the order is processed and a situation of stock rupture is verified, even so, QUYCKY will communicate such fact to the Customer and will duly reimburse the price paid by the latter when ordering the product whose stock rupture is verified, within a maximum period of 30 (thirty) days from the date the rupture is announced.



        i. In order for the Customer to make the purchase of any product on the Website, the Customer must, prior to the conclusion of the purchase, fill in the Delivery Form available online.

        ii. The Customer undertakes to provide all the elements marked as compulsory in the aforementioned form and ensure the completeness and veracity of the data provided.



        i. In the options for this, the customer must select the products, models and models they want.

        ii. Validation of the purchase order implies that the Customer has taken note of and expressly accepts these Terms and Conditions, available for consultation on the website [-],as well as duly completed the form mentioned in the number 3 above.

        iii. The data recorded by QUYCKY constitute proof of all transactions carried out on the Marketplace.

        iv. Once the order is completed, the Customer will receive an automatic email confirming the transaction. If the Customer finds that the information he/she entered in the registration form is not correct, he/she must immediately request that it be changed, or, alternatively, request that the transaction be cancelled by contacting [-].

        v. Upon receipt of payment, QUYCKY will send the Client the invoice corresponding to the transaction and the details of the order, which details should be kept by the Client for the purposes of tracking delivery.The following payment methods are allowed for the purchase of items on the Marketplace

- ATM Reference; MBWay; Credit Card; Stripe; Google Pay; Apple Pay; Klarna.

       vi. The non-payment of the order within 02 (two) days, subsequent to the date in which it was definitely made, implies its automatic cancellation.



        i. QUYCKY informs you that the prices charged in the Marketplace are exclusive to online purchases.

        ii. All promotional campaigns have limited stock and are exclusive to online sales/discounts.

        iii. The retail prices indicated on the Marketplace are displayed in euros. The VAT due is included in all prices.

        iv. The costs of the shipping service are for the Customer's account and are added to the total price of the products selected by him/her, and the Customer will be informed of these charges and prices before confirming his/her order and completing the purchase process.

        v. If an error is found in the presentation of the price of the product(s), QUYCKY reserves the right to cancel the order.



        i. When used in accordance with the established rules, a promotional code or any other type of discount enables the Customer to enjoy a discount, which will be defined in said code, on the purchase of a specific product or for a set of products, during the period associated with the promotional code being used.

       ii. Given their characteristics, promotional codes or discounts are personal and non-transferable, and may not be sold, exchanged or given away.

       iii. Promotional codes or discounts cannot be used by Customers for commercial purposes.

       iv. The use of the promotional code or discount is subject to the rules that will be published by QUYCKY when it becomes available.

       v. Promotional codes or discounts cannot be exchanged for cash and shall not be re-issued or refunded.

       vi. Without prejudice to any other rights that it holds or may hold, QUYCKY reserves the right to immediately invalidate the promotional code or discount issued if it suspects that they are being used in violation of any of the above conditions.



         7.1 GENERAL RULES

               i. QUYCKY will ship orders worldwide, without prejudice to any restrictions imposed by them for which QUYCKY assumes no responsibility.

               ii. To order any products the Customer must be over 18 (eighteen) years of age and possess any of the means of payment permitted by QUYCKY.

               iii. By placing an order, the Customer is committing to the truthfulness accuracy of all the details provided, namely that he is over 18 years of age, that he has legal capacity, that he is an authorised user of the payment method used to place his order and that he has sufficient funds to cover the cost of his order.

               iv. When you place an order, the Customer will receive an e-mail confirming receipt and acceptance of your order, and the contract will be formed when QUYCKY sends the aforementioned confirmation e-mail.

               v. All orders are subject to availability and confirmation of the order price, and QUYCKY reserves the right to cancel your order (or part of your order) if the product is not available, or not available at the order price.

               vi. Nevertheless, if after confirmation of payment, there is no stock available of the product(s) ordered, the Customer will be contacted by QUYCKY, as set out in point v. of number 2 above, to be informed of the estimated delivery date or to modify his order.

               vii. QUYCKY reserves the right not to send the order to Partner, and Partner reserves the right not to accept your order if, for example, the product ordered is out of stock, has been withdrawn or is not available, the same applying in respect of both if QUYCKY considers itself unable to obtain authorisation for payment or if the Customer does not meet the eligibility criteria.

               viii Orders placed on the Website will be dispatched from Monday to Friday between (time), directly by the Partners through Time Slotand the Carrier, and according to the deadlines established by them.

               ix. All delivery options available for each item and destination will be displayed in the purchase procedure.

               x. The delivery time will depend on the carrier chosen, so it will be estimated when you select both options, and the estimated delivery date of the products will be indicated in your order confirmation email.

               xi. However, delivery times may also vary depending on product availability and the delivery address indicated by the Customer.

               xii. QUYCKY is not responsible for any delay incurred by the Partner and/or carrier and will not accept any liability for failure to meet any deadlines, which are indicative in nature.

               xiii. Likewise, QUYCKY will not accept any responsibility for delays related to the customs clearance of orders or the approval of the payment of the same, although it undertakes to collaborate with the Client in order to minimise such delays.

               xiv. Orders resulting from transactions carried out on the Marketplace will, as a rule, be dispatched by 5 p.m. of the business day on which payment is confirmed by the Client, except Friday. If the said confirmation of payment occurs after 5pm on a given day, the order will be dispatched on the following working day, provided that no circumstance foreseen in these terms and conditions prevents this.

               xv. Given that QUYCKY has the utmost commitment to its Customers and that it values absolute secrecy, the outer packaging is totally discreet and in no way identifies the Market or its contents.



               i. If the Customer is using the website from a country outside the European Union or the European Economic Community, as well as if he/she wants the purchase to be made and delivered to any of the said countries different taxation rules and possibly additional fees will apply to the order.

               ii. Quycky will notify the Customer during the checkout process if import duties are included or if the Customer has to pay them upon receipt of the products.

               iii. If the said duties are not included, neither QUYCKY nor the Partner have any control over the said charges, and therefore the conditions may not be met to inform the Customer of the said amount, and the Customer will therefore be responsible for the payment of any import duties and taxes not included.

               iv. The same applies to cases of return, dealt with in the following point, in which case the taxes and import duties will be refunded to the Customer if they were originally included in the purchase price, so that if they are not included, the Customer will be responsible for recovering the taxes directly with the customs services, or others that may be applicable.

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