Hey Quycky lovers, today we’d like to introduce you to Carmen! 


Carmen is 33 years old and works as a costume designer for stage and television, in the Arroios area of Lisbon. Carmen identifies as transmasculine gender-fluid. 


When questioned about their biggest dream, Carmen’s answer is one we can all relate too: that queer and trans people get a chance to live in peace, without all of the gender roles we are currently assigned by this binary world. We hope you see that dream come true! 


Carmen chose the Emojibator Strawberry from the Quycky store. More than just its looks, it’s also its texture – It’s super soft. The different vibrating and suction modes are all worth exploring, with different vibrations working better on different bodies. Carmen also told us the Emojibator Strawberry is a great way to stimulate your clit. 


But Carmen didn’t sign off without additional recs, which we also love. If you’re into colorful cutesy things, the Pretty Love Flirtation - Vibrating Shell is also perfect for you too. Carmen underlines how important the clit stimulation is when you’re transmasculine. 


Thank you so much for your suggestions Carmen, we hope they were as satisfactory as you made them seem! 


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